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Home With Family Is The Kindest Care

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Any parent of a special needs child can tell you how difficult and disheartening it is to see your young one face such tough challenges. Whether your child has an illness or disease that makes them medically fragile, is recovering from an accident or surgery, or they have a newly diagnosed condition requiring complex care, the ability to receive care at home can make all the difference. 

Home truly is where the heart is. It’s the place that feels most familiar and where loved ones and pets are close at hand. Toys and other personal belongings are easily accessible and children feel like they can really be themselves.

Striking The Right Balance

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When a child is diagnosed with a more serious medical condition, families must take the time to carefully consider their options. Providing the right level of care to your child is so important, however, you also need to find balance. This involves considering the needs of other family members and making decisions that aim to minimize the impact the child’s condition has on their way of life.

Our pediatric care plans make it easier for families like yours to consider home care as a viable option, opening the way for a more joyous and engaged existence at home.

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Children Thrive With Holistic Care

Undivided attention

Medical facilities are, at times, chaotic. Team members are busy, change shifts day to day and you’ll probably find yourself re-sharing the same information with multiple providers. With pediatric in-home care, your child receives one-on-one attention and a personalized care plan that encompasses body, mind and spirit.


Children who are faced with complex medical conditions often have a variety of needs, and a lot of scheduled appointments. 

Interim HealthCare of Sioux Falls provides in-home care designed to fit around your schedule, so your family experiences fewer disruptions. Our team comes to you, at the times that are most convenient, making it possible for parents to maintain a career or devote time to other family members.


Pediatric home care minimizes the need to drive for appointments away from the home, and other logistical challenges such as childcare for other children and getting an unwell child dressed and ready to travel. The end result is an improved quality of life. 

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